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10 Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Your Lady Under Lockdown

December 2021 | Dung Tran Nhu

Covid-19 has been with us for longer than we could endure at a healthy level. Before everything falls back to our before times, a new variant emerges. I flew to New York last year to visit my family and got stuck there for 3 months. My boyfriend sent me a package that contained a small necklace and a heartfelt note. It was received, out of the blue. And his unexpected thoughtfulness was more touching than almost any gift I had received. It showed me that he cared. I realized at a sensitive time like this, small gifts and handwritten notes could brighten up the day of my friends and loved ones more than ever.

The past few years classified many relationships - romantic and otherwise - as long-distance. At the same time, many couples spend too much time together. They’re not used to having each other around that long. It then becomes harder to refresh your relationship. That’s why we should learn the power of a thoughtful gift.

Here, let me walk you through 10 day-brightening gifts for the special lady in your life.


1. A sweet necklace with a message card

Choosing a necklace is easy, yet writing a heartfelt message is not. Among Gary Chapman's 5 love languages, women often appreciate words of affirmation. They love uplifting and encouraging messages from their loved ones. But lots of men struggle to express their feelings in words. Move her to tears with this gift and thank me later.

necklace with a message card

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2. A handcare kit

We have to wash our hands more thoroughly than before. All those chemicals may leave her hands dry and itchy. A handcare kit will keep her skin from getting dry and double as decor.

handcare kit veanee

3. A morning coffee cold brew starter pack

If she drinks coffee, she will definitely love this gift. To stay awake and.. save money. Maybe she'll develop a new hobby to become a coffee connoisseur. And she has you to thank.

cold brew coffee starter kit veanee

4. A pantry makeover

Aren't we all obsessed with cooking videos on Tiktok during lockdowns? A beautiful kitchen helps her enjoy cooking more. I don't know any woman who doesn't appreciate some new dishes or creative bottles of vinegar from her significant other. And every time she enters the kitchen, she will think of you.

creative vinegar bottle veanee

5. Home office desk organizer

Like the kitchen setup, her office desk may need a makeover as well. She will love a desk supplies organizer. And if you feel more adventurous, give her a personalized writing set or a notebook with her name on it. They won't cost a lot of money but women love personalized things.

6. Wearable weights

Not everyone can afford a home gym. Your woman might already subscribe to many home workout channels on Youtube. Take it to the next level with a pair of wearable weights. You can also send her a Youtube playlist on how she can make the most out of them.

wearable weights

7. A weighted blanket

Staying at home for too long may take a toll on your sleep quality. Sleep deprivation kills romance, and almost everything else. Trust me on this. A weighted blanket can provide much-needed comfort when she needs it most.

weighted blanket

8. Soft pajamas

I love to wear pajamas at home, just because they're super soft and comfortable. When she spends a lot of time at home, you want to make she's comfortable in her homewear.

pajama set veanee

9. Adopt her a panda

This out-of-the-box gift will make her happy, and also the panda. A $60 panda adoption kit comes with an adoption certificate, personalized appreciation letter, panda stuffed toy directly from WWF. They will use the money to help save wildlife and nature. Who doesn't love a boyfriend or husband who cares about animals?

adapt panda wwf veanee

10. An online masterclass

Improvement Pill said the best way to refresh a relationship is to refresh yourself. Help her find a new hobby or learn something new she's always wanted. Besides, the Internet makes it so easy to start. It can also be something you can do together online.

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  • Musa

    I realized at a sensitive time like this, small gifts and handwritten notes could brighten up the day of my friends and loved ones more than ever.

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